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One in a Million!

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Mike Richardson is one person you can absolutely rely on to do everything he can to help you sell your home! He will guide and advise you every step of the way, steering the whole process, and he is not too shy to give you his honest (experienced) opinion.

Dirk and I put our home on the market on July 4, 2010–attempting to sell it on our own. During our failed attempt to sell our home, a colleague reminded me of Mike, and told me of more than one successful sale she and her husband had experienced, thanks to Mike. And so we called. Mike was not just our Realtor. He became our friend.

We took a short trip overseas in November, and Mike assumed the role of “caretaker” too. He came into our home, took care of our cat, and took care of our plants. Who does that? It’s usually a family member, or neighbor who offers–not your Realtor! We even got an occasional email to let us know our cat was doing fine. This is what friends do.

On occasion a prospective buyer would call to see the house giving us but a few minutes to clean up and look good–Mike would arrive, sleeves pushed up, and run around the house alongside us. Again, who does that? We had a fair bit of snow during this past winter, and more than once woke up to a plowed driveway! Really? Our house eventually sold, thanks to Mike.

When I got home from work one evening, after we’d been in Texas a few weeks, Dirk told me he’d just realized we’d left a special mirror on the wall of our home in Estes. This mirror is precious to me. Dirk called Mike to tell him our woes. Not a problem. He went over to our old home and retrieved it, then kept it in his garage until we had a new home. This week, my precious mirror arrived–in one piece, in Texas. What a friend.

Thank you Mike. You are one in a MILLION!