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Helpful and Amazing

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Let me tell you about the most helpful, amazing realtor that I have ever met. He is Mike Richardson [formerly] of First Colorado Realty in Estes Park, Colorado. I had the good fortune to buy a condo in July of 2011 that was one of his listings. An appointment was scheduled the day after I expressed interest with the condo seller and Mike. Mike arrived with his son (and donuts) and all the necessary paper work. I was impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail. Naturally I wanted an inspection of the property, so Mike scheduled it an even paid for the radon inspection himself.

Closing was set for early September, so I went home to negotiate my financing. Mike handled all the closing details expertly across the miles from Estes Park, so I did not have to return to Colorado until ready to move in. All went well, so I was back in Estes Park in late September for the move from the smaller condo that I have owned in Estes Park since 1996 to the new larger one. A friend and I moved everything that we could carry and then Mike came with his truck to move several of the larger heavier objects for me.

However my amazing Realtor, and now friend Mike, was called upon again and went way beyond what any Realtor might do. Since my new living room did not have any furniture, I went to Ft. Collins and purchased a couch, loveseat, and large area rug. The store’s delivery date to Estes Park was later than my time in Estes Park allowed, since my job in Topeka was calling and I needed to be there. The option offered by the furniture store was to drive to their warehouse in Thorton and pick up the items myself. What to do??? How could I do this???

Enter amazing Mike into the picture again. He borrowed a trailer from a friend, hitched it to his own vehicle, and with his family drove to the warehouse with my friends and me following behind in our car. He would not accept any payment for giving up his entire evening and driving all those miles to move my new furniture back to Estes Park.

My previous condo is currently rented, but when these folks get their new house built and it is time for me to sell my smaller one, you can be assured that Mike Richardson will be my realtor to sell the place. I can highly recommend him as a wonderful Realtor for anyone looking to buy property in Estes Park.