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Getting the Job Done

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The purpose of this Reference is to let potential Sellers/Buyers know these things about Mike. This is a partial list:

Getting the Job Done – When my wife and I decided to list our home for sale in Estes Park, it was a very difficult decision. Selling our home in Estes Park was an extremely emotional situation. We selected Mike to represent us because he understood the financial as well as the emotional factors. He told us that if our financial situation changed and we decided not to sell, he would understand. With these understandings, Mike told us he would ‘get the job done.’ He was aware of our financial situation and promised he would work hard for us. He did!”

Professionalism and Knowledge – Mike guides us through every step of the process from the Initial Market Survey to Final Closing. He was professional through each phase. His long-time residency in Estes Park gave him a thorough awareness of the market so he could help us with all the decisions involved in Selling. When you work with Mike, you will have someone who keeps his word. He was available whenever we needed him through phone calls and emails. He was prompt in responding to any questions we had. If he did not have the answer immediately, he would get it.

Ethics – It is unfortunate that it is not always the case in business situations, but be assured that our experience with mike was ‘squeaky clean.’ He represented us and his firm with the highest ethical standards. It was refreshing to be able to trust someone with such a big decision–especially when we were forced to deal with this sale from Dallas.

Our experience was tough emotionally, but Mike’s work on our behalf helped ease our pain. We are pleased to offer these comments in support of Mike. He is a great guy and will do whatever it takes to ‘get the job done’!