What Is a Document Review Lawyer

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If you`re considering a document review job, we hope you enjoyed our list of pros and cons. If you`ve been working on a document review, you can add to the list of pros or cons in the comments below or email us at info@jdadvising.com (and we`ll add them!) Documents are coded and loaded into a process database, and the record is sorted to reduce the number of documents that can range from millions to a manageable subset of relevant documents to review. Other tasks include: If your end goal is to practice in a law firm, you will miss the opportunity to meet clients, conduct legal research, and go to court full-time. However, some lawyers practice law while reviewing documents. I know of some who appear in court early in the morning and then come to the Doc`s exam in the afternoon. Creating documents that should be excluded from production could destroy the client`s case (e.g. B, accidentally create a “smoking gun” document) or irreparably damage the customer`s business (for example. B, accidental creation of documents containing trade secrets or confidential information about the client`s business). Once seen as a dead-end job or a stepping stone to permanent work, the world of document review continues to evolve as subspecialties and career paths emerge in the document review industry. LAWYER`S ANNOUNCEMENT: This part of the LegalZoom website is an advertisement. This part of the LegalZoom website is not a lawyer placement service. LegalZoom does not endorse or recommend lawyers or law firms that advertise on our website.

We make no representations or judgments about the qualifications, expertise or credentials of any participating lawyer. The information contained on this website does not constitute legal advice. Any information you submit through this website may not be protected by lawyers` privilege and may be provided to lawyers for the purpose of determining your need for legal services. All case assessments are conducted by a participating lawyer. Would I do another one? Absolutely, especially now that I know what a document review lawyer actually does and how to combat the daily boredom that certain projects can throw at you. In addition, document review can be extremely mundane and annoying. If you charge your phone with music and podcasts and have headphones to enjoy, time can pass much more pleasantly. The training and training required to become a document reviewer varies depending on your previous experience. Scratch that. There is plenty of time to move, you just can`t.

Document review project managers need hot bodies in chairs that rummage through eDiscovery files and code them as “reactive” (this has something to do with the case or a problem in the case) or “don`t respond.” They are paid by the hour, and many document reviewers do not get up for long periods of time for fear of running out of money. In the past, document review was tedious low-level work, referring to new law graduates, paralegals, and contract lawyers. However, technology has changed the substance and status of this career path. Examining documents is terrible. First, working conditions are generally poor, especially when there are a lot of people. With Covid and remote work, in many cases you need to be licensed where you live. Review of the agency, there are no benefits. If you are “lucky” and hired by a company, you will sometimes be treated terribly. If you do this job for more than 6 months, you are spoiled and unlikely to get a job in a medium or large company and only the lowest federal jobs like decision writers. Given the wage and minimum wage, which will likely be $15, is it worth two degrees and all the debt to earn 22 to 30 hours without benefits? It doesn`t give you a marketable experience. The only step you can take is managing document review, which is even worse than when you start abusing reviewers.

Of course, there are bad reviews, billing scammers, etc., but management treats everyone badly. Once, I couldn`t even go out to see my mother in the hospital. .