Afghanistan Peace Agreement

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Successive U.S. presidents have reinforced and withdrawn their troops, but none has ended its role in the war in Afghanistan, let alone achieved peace in the country. Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. diplomat leading the ongoing intra-Afghan peace process, will meet Monday in Pakistan with Pakistani officials widely suspected of having influence over the Taliban. Esper stressed that if the Taliban violated the promises, “the United States would not hesitate to cancel the agreement.” Asked about the Taliban`s call for Ghani`s impeachment as a condition of a peace deal, White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday reiterated President Joe Biden`s support for the Afghan president. The United States and the Taliban signed the peace agreement on February 29 in Doha, Qatar. “I know there will be a temptation to declare victory,” he said. “But the victory of the Afghans can only be achieved if they can live and prosper in peace.” Nader Nadery, a negotiator with the Afghan government team, said the Doha talks were stalled at the time of planning for the Istanbul conference. “This is a clear sign that they are not opting for a peaceful end to this war,” he said of the Taliban. Biden`s peace proposal presented by Secretary of State Blinken is almost a 180-degree reversal of Chamberlin`s approach. An attempt is being made to salvage a peace effort that may already be dead, and virtually all those affected will question at least some of the provisions highlighted in the attached text — and probably many that will not be highlighted.

However, it is at least a good faith effort that emphasizes democracy and human rights and responds to the needs of the Afghan people. Former President Hamid Karzai (left) and Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (second from right) attend an international peace conference in Moscow, Russia, in March. Russia hosted a peace conference for Afghanistan, attended by government officials and their Taliban opponents, as well as regional observers, to kick off the stalled peace process in the country. Alexander Zemlianichenko/Pool/AP Hide the legend Even in the description of al-Qaeda in the deal, the Taliban refused to accept the word “terrorist.” The language emphasizes the Taliban`s commitment to prevent future attacks, not the regrets of the past. The problems associated with it are diverse, complex and often very uncertain, but the recent official reports of SIGAR and LIG to Congress, in particular the new SIGAR report entitled “High Risk List 2021” (10 May 2021, clearly show that the challenges of building real peace are enormous. It is too early to say that the Biden administration has seized on “Mission Impossible” by proposing the new peace plan that Minister Blinken sent to the Afghan central government and the Taliban, which is attached at the end of this commentary. It`s not too early to say it has been burdened with an almost impossible legacy. If there is a historical parallel between Trump`s efforts and some earlier peace efforts, it seems to be the agreement neville Chamberlin negotiated with Hitler over Czechoslovakia in September 1938: “My good friends, this is the second time in our history that he has returned from Germany to Downing Street for peace with honor. I think it is peace for our time.

As warned in 1939, good intentions do not replace dark realities. He also proposed a “transitional peace government” to guide the country through this precarious period, followed by national elections, as well as a UN-led peace conference in Turkey attended by foreign ministers and envoys from Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, India and the United States. The President and Vice-Presidents [as well as cabinet] are appointed in Appendix A, have been selected on the basis of an agreement between the two parties and are acceptable to both parties. The President [and Vice-Presidents] may serve only during the term of office of the peace government and may not at any time in the future serve as Head of State or Head of Government in Afghanistan. The President and Vice-Presidents may be dismissed only in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Constitution in force. Lord. Khalilzad, the veteran diplomat who leads U.S. peace efforts and is himself from Afghanistan, has long insisted that the U.S.

is not seeking a withdrawal agreement, but “a peace agreement that allows withdrawal.” It is equally important to remember what the strategic priorities are in relation to U.S. national interests. Here, Afghanistan, to be honest, is not the “graveyard of empires,” it is the graveyard of Afghans. If the U.S. pulls out after its latest peace efforts and a failed Afghan response, there are many countries that are much more important to the U.S. and now pose its own threat of extremism or ties to competitors and key threats. The US must engage in “strategic triage” – both to serve real-world humanitarian interests and its own strategic interests. This nascent peace process could be a turning point in more than 40 years of conflict, which began with a communist coup in 1978. .