Acacia Prison Services Agreement

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(a) From the date of entry into force, the Contractor shall continue to operate and maintain the electronic management of inmate information technology as operated and maintained in prison immediately prior to the effective date (the Secure Transactional Environment System for Inmates or STEPS), which has the following functionalities: In the event of a labor dispute, prohibition, work restriction or refusal of facilities or services, in which contract workers are involved, or threatened, the contractor must: This contract may be terminated by the written agreement of the state and the contractor. Maintenance contract means the agreement of 15. February 2000 between the Minister of Public Works and the original contractor on the maintenance of the prison and includes any agreement that amends, supplements or renews this agreement, as well as any agreement or arrangement replacing this agreement. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, any reference to any other instrument, arrangement, instrument or contract shall include a reference to such other instrument, arrangement, instrument or contract as amended, supplemented, modified or replaced from time to time. Departmental System means the information system used by the Department with respect to the operation and administration of prisons in Western Australia at the time of opening, including: (d) canteen products must be offered for sale at prices not exceeding the prices at which such or equivalent property is sold to prisoners in Wooroloo Prison; or, if this prison ceases to function, the average of the prices at which such goods or equivalent goods are sold in all prisons operating in the Greater Perth area. To enable compliance with this Subsection, the Crown must provide the Contractor with a copy of the price list of canteen products for prisons operating in the Greater Perth Area within 10 working days of the date of signature or after a revision of such price lists. (b) the manufacture or assembly of goods or the provision of services or other commercial activities; (vi) other prisons operated by or on behalf of the State; or B The DIRECTOR-GENERAL is authorized, under the Penitentiaries Act, to enter into agreements on the provision of prison services for and on behalf of the State. (a) recognizes the requirement in Section 15G of the Penitentiary Act that the CEO must be appointed before the age of 30. (d) prepare the application or content of the legal requirements or any other instruction applicable to prisons and submit them to the Minister; Escape: the escape of a prisoner from the legitimate custody of the contractor or from a cell or place in the prison where he is imprisoned, or from any place where he is obliged to remain by routine or prison order. Transitional Agreement means the agreement to be concluded between the original Contractor and the Contractor on the transfer of personnel and resources and other transfer matters. (iii) care and welfare, including prison administration, prison services and prisoner management, including the systems and procedures described in Annex 4, section 2; (b) no agreement under paragraph (a) within 10 working days of the request, an amount determined by an independent expert appointed by the Chairman of the Western Australian branch of Arbitrators Australia at the request of either party. (c) The Contractor shall ensure that the prices of products and services of the prison industry are fixed taking into account the spirit and intent of the national competition policy or any other competition policy proposed by the State from time to time. The State may require the Contractor to complete the product price forms in a form notified by the State in order to determine the price of the goods and services of the prison industry in accordance with this Subsection.

(h) The State may, by informing the contractor, request the contractor to accept a new version of the maintenance contract from the maintenance contractor. The Notification of the State under this Sub-Clause may be issued at any time within 12 months of the date of entry into force and shall indicate a date of novation not earlier than two months after the date of notification and no later than six months after the date of notification. If the State issues a notice under this Subsection, the Parties shall negotiate in good faith the terms of the novation and any necessary amendments to this Agreement. If, on the novation date referred to in point (v), the Parties have not agreed on the terms of the novation and the necessary amendments to this Agreement, including through the operation of the prison industries and the supply of goods and services to the Community, including the systems and procedures described in Annex 4, section 4; The initial service contract refers to the contract of 21 December 1999 between the State and the original contractor for the provision of services in prison. .